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Monchi Media

It is more than an audiovisual production company, since the objective goes beyond the creation of audiovisual content; The approach is, based on the work and commitment delivered, to build a link between Argentina and Japan. Trying to reveal all its essence and the wealth that these two hidecountries y today we try to generate alliances with the United States.  

Documentaries | TV shows | Production | Cinema | Press

About Monchi Media 

Argentina and Japan, a friendship of more than 100 years of history; but there are many hidden aspects, totally unknown to both cultures.
Showing Japan, Argentina and Latin America itself is the objective that has moved us since 2004. Today in 2023 we have newchallenges and usand
We are working in the US with organizations, carrying out different events, production services for television documentaries, filming of commercials and movies, press media, presenting people and different places in the world.

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