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Our services

We are a company dedicated to the creation, production and dissemination of multimedia content for different platforms; thus carrying out local production services / fixer for the filming of documentaries and television programs, commercials, cinema and press media.
We understand that it is not only necessary to propose ideas for the development and production of creative and quality content; but it is also essential to listen to the client; placing the focus on the details, because it is what makes the difference, delivering a high quality product.

Thus, we provide comprehensive production services in the US. from the scouting of locations, permits, mobility, lodging, catering, technical equipment, equipment rental, among others.

With which, our team is made up of people who speak Spanish, English and Japanese, who know both different cultures well and strive to provide the best for carrying out the work. 

In short, we advise you on the generation of content, we develop and design the visual and sound concepts; designing the best dissemination strategy, taking into account the different internal channels, social networks and mass and specialized media.
Monchi Media, do not hesitate to contact us!





We are known for providing constant doses of creativity, giving freshness to the projects we carry out, since we want your video to be unique.


Fixers for production

We help you so that the production is a complete success, because we do everything possible so that the director has everything he needs. Counting on people who know first-hand everything necessary in the place, to make the production.

Post Producción en Proceso

Comprehensive audiovisual production

From a video it is much easier to spread an idea, a concept, sell a service or a  product. Shake the senses with true stories to associate your brand or whatever you want.  We take your idea or project to any scale and in an integral way.

set de filmación

Equipment rental

We seek to be updated with new technologies, to provide the best quality equipment and accessories in the industry. Facilitating all the work involved in audiovisual production.


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